Forget the turkey and cranberry sauce. The best part of Thanksgiving may be before the day even arrives.

In this video from Captain Morgan, which features popular YouTuber Jennas Marbles, we're reminded of what exactly goes on when you hit the bar the night before Thanksgiving after you grace your hometown with your presence by swinging in from whatever Xanadu you reside the rest of the year.

From running into the lifers in the town, old classmates and old girlfriends to maneuvering around the sticky situation of trying to pick up a girl you once pined for, we see that the stereotypical characters are waiting for us when we return home for Turkey Day.

Maybe the thing to do is just camp out until the bar opens again after we've done our penance with the family. You're gonna need a drink or two after spending the holiday with your family and trying to do damage control after you inadvertently say something that gets everyone all riled up.

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