It's Mother's Day! If you're lucky enough to still have your mom here with you, give her a call, or a hug or a lovely gift. Moms do so much for us. I know my mom especially has done so much for me that I feel like she deserves much more than the flowers I got her.

I also know that as a child I woke my mom up in the middle of the night FREQUENTLY because I had a nightmare. Now that I'm an adult, sleep is precious to me, I would HATE to be woken up in the middle of the night! So, from the bottom of my heart, I'm so sorry mom, for waking you up all those times because I had that Beetlejuice nightmare again!

Researchers have found that moms everywhere are woken up 16 times a year because of bad dreams. So sorry mom- that Beetlejuice one still haunts me, but I am an adult and can deal with my nightmares like an adult- sleeping with the light on.

The study which featured 2,000 moms, found out the good and the bad moms have to put up with like:

-Moms spend three hours and 58 minutes a week watching kids' sports, which adds up to around eight full days per year.
-They take three days off work per year to look after sick kids.
-The spend four hours and 55 minutes at school plays and assemblies per year.
-Hang five drawings on the fridge every year.
-Buy 38 presents per kid per year between birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions.
-Get woken up 16 times a year for bad dreams.
-Hear the kids say "I'm bored" 144 times a year, or 12 times a month.
-And moms hear their kids say "I love you" 676 times a year, or 13 times a week.

This Mother's Day, make sure you tell mom you love her! Happy Mother's day to all mommy's!

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