Smash Mouth dispelled the rumor last year that singer Steve Harwell and celebrity chef/television host Guy Fieri are the same person, despite their uncanny resemblance. Naturally, the Internet had a laugh when the band posted a photo from a video shoot for Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show, also known as "Triple D" for short.

In the pair of select photos shared by Smash Mouth, Harwell and Fieri are seen outside a red convertible on a city street as one camera person films the action. There's no green screen present in the shot, so we can rule out any trickery that could have been in play in an attempt to further dupe the world into believing these men are one in the same.

Then came the reactions...

One Twitter user opted to post parody lyrics befitting of the situation, rewording the iconic hit "All Star" to reflect the food concept.

Twitter: @JordanTChong

Others are still struggling to wrap their head around the idea that Harwell and Fieri are indeed different people. One theory has been presented suggesting the two stars are from different timelines, but we'll spare you from any more quantum thoughts.

Twitter: @LiamTuckerFur

At least one latecomer is finding out that the two aren't the same person for the very first time.

Twitter: @NickDonner1
Twitter: @patrickerickson

Stunned with disbelief, this has proven to be the equivalent of trying to divide by zero.

Twitter: @RealWishKhalifa

Finally, someone asked the big question: Where's Violent J? Of course, this is in reference to the Insane Clown Posse figurehead, who has also been lumped into the conspiracy theory that Harwell, Fieri and Violent J are either the same person or clones.

Twitter: @KxngSpade

No other details have emerged as to when this episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives will air, but it will be nothing short of legendary when it finally does.

Also, since June is Pride Month, we'd like to remind everyone of that time Smash Mouth told a "straight pride" parade to fuck off.

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