Amazon Prime Video has released the final trailer for their new upcoming series "The Boys." Premiering this coming Friday (7/26), the new trailer introduces Simon Pegg and gives you a in depth look at the conflict between "The Seven" and "The Boys." The official synopsis of "The Boys" goes:

"When superheroes abuse their superpowers instead of using them for good, The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about The Seven and Vought, the conglomerate that covers up their dirty secrets."

Check out the trailer!

But if that trailer isn't enough to get you excited. Slipknot's new video probably will!

Slipknot released a new video for their song "Solway Firth" and it's PACKED with footage from "The Boys"! Just ahead of the release of their new album, We Are Not Your Kind (out August 9), "Solway Firth" is a heavier track that definitely adds the adrenaline to the highly anticipated series. It's also not surprising that Slipknot teamed up with the series. Corey Taylor, a known comic lover, has said that he's a big fan of Garth Ennis- creator of "The Boys" comic books. Check out the video and check out the Amazon series on  July 26!

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