A few days before the election, we caught up with Sleep guitarist / High on Fire frontman Matt Pike. In part of our chat, Pike expressed his distaste for our political system, astutely professing that “this world is f—ed.”

Half the country is reeling while the other half is celebrating the election of Donald Trump. It isn’t just the outcome of Election Day that’s got people jaded. A large number of people are dissatisfied with government, whether it be the current Obama administration or the Republican-controlled House and Senate. Matt Pike is one of those disenfranchised individuals.

“We need a French Revolution,” Pike says. “Our media is f—ed, our politicians are f—ed, our government is f—ed, the whole world hates us because of what these f—ing douchebags have been doing. It all goes back to the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers … They’re all pedophile Satanists that run around and they’re not really what they say they are.”

Pike actually shares that he has more respect for Russian president Vladimir Putin than any of the United States’ current electorate. “He’s a KGB gangster, but at least that dude tells you exactly how it is. It’s not some two-faced thing. He just says straight-up, ‘F— you; World War III or get the f— out of my country.”

Listen to Matt Pike’s full reasoning as to why “this world is f—ed” in the video above.

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