Skillet continue to find ways to connect with their fans in these difficult time. Having previously entered the comics world with their debut graphic novel "Eden" in 2019, a follow-up titled "Eden II: The Aftermath" is now expected to arrive Nov. 10. In advance of the release, Skillet has teamed with Loudwire to preview a few pages and the cover for the upcoming graphic novel.

Reuniting with Random Shock Studios and "Eden" artist Chris Hunt, Skillet frontman John Cooper is helping to extend their post-apocalyptic story. As you can see from some of the panels, it's an action packed tale. In fact, Cooper promises, "more action, more surprises, more suspense." See the cover and three pages from the graphic novel below.

Justin Birch / Z2 Comics
Z2 Comics
Z2 Comics
Z2 Comics

The original "Eden" graphic novel became the best selling graphic novel of all time for Z2 Comics, so there is high anticipation for what the follow-up will bring.

The idea is one that has truly resonated with singer John Cooper, who even penned an audio companion song that is part of Skillet's recently released, Victorious: The Aftermath set. The track is called "Dreaming of Eden," and he reveals, “I wanted to write a tune about EDEN. It’s supposed to be another world we can’t see, but it’s also a beautiful and amazing place where you never die. It’s full of hope.”

Skillet, "Dreaming of Eden" 

You can pick up "Dreaming of Eden" on Victorious: The Aftermath, which is currently available here. Meanwhile, the "Eden II: The Aftermath" graphic novel is available to pre-order at this location.

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