Skillet just added some extra sizzle to their show this past weekend in Saginaw, Michigan. During their Friday performance (May 15), the band decided to debut two new songs for those in attendance, giving "Rise Up" and "Dead Man Walking" their first performances.

Skillet are working toward a summer release for their next studio album and singer John Cooper shared his desire to play the tracks for those in attendance. Also of note, former Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm has been filling in on co-vocals while Skillet drummer Jen Ledger is away promoting her solo album, and Sturm joined in on both "Rise Up" and "Dead Man Walking" in the live setting.

"Rise Up" is a high energy rocker with a chugging guitar line, leading into a fist-pumping chorus. Watch fan shot footage from YouTuber YepSure2 that finds Sturm jumping along to the energy of the song below.

The second new song, "Dead Man Walking," is more of a driving track with swinging guitar and drum parts offering a bit more danceable beat. Take a look and listen below.

As stated, Skillet are closing in on the release of a new album. The band had initially considered releasing it last year, but decided to avoid the clutter of the holiday rush while also allowing Ledger proper time to promote her solo debut disc. The plan now is to target a summer release, though official details on the album have yet to be revealed.

Aside from touring, helping to fill the void between albums is a new Skillet-themed graphic novel. "Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel," features all four members in animated form, centering on a couple's (John and Corey) attempt to save their family and town from the mystery concealed in the dreams of a prophecy." Learn more and order yours here.

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