Clint Lowery is one busy dude. He's released albums with five different bands and now he's set to track both a solo album and a new Sevendust album this year.

It will be the 10th studio record for the crew in Sevendust and the first solo effort from Lowery. The guitarist revealed the news in an interview with Audio Ink (heard below).

"We don't want to wait a long time," he said when asked about Sevendust's plans to record the follow-up to 2018's All I See Is War. "We'll probably end up recording a new record at the end of this year. We already have ideas kind of floating around for it," he added, then revealing, "I'll do a solo record in June and record it and release it after the Sevendust cycle slows down, but we'll probably end up tracking a record this year."

Fans may have a general idea of what to expect from Sevendust, but the solo effort remains a wild card. Lowery, reluctant to say much about how the album will sound, did offer, "I'm going to sing. I'm going to play everything I can, even a couple of songs on drums, but I'll have a drummer come in and do most of the drums. Everything else, I'll do myself."

This will be Lowery's first album outside of Sevendust since Dark New Day and Hello Demons..Meet Skeletons issued the Hail Mary full length and Choices EP respectively. He also joined Seether on tour in 2017 as an additional live guitarist, but has since stepped down from that role. His brother, Corey, now fills that role.

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