Who doesn't love a freak show? It was one of the better seasons of "American Horror Story," and up until the turn of the twentieth century they were a popular pastime. I'm sure if we had freak shows today many would complain about it being not politically correct and that it just shames people.

Luckily for us, there's Snapchat! Snapchat usually has an array of filters to choose from and they're used so frequently that you kind of forget that some people don't really have a crown of flowers on their head 24/7. Well, the latest filter is taking everyone by storm. It's a gender swapping filter so it turns men into what they would look like as women and it shows women what they would look like as men. Do you want to see what the morning show looks like with their genders swapped? Of course you do so step right up to the freak show and see the MoSho's gender bending pictures!

We've got news correspondent Luis Sanchez: 


Traffic reporter Joseph Barbacoa

Lady Nicole 

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