Chris Cruise is a DJ in Boise. I don’t know him but I think we work for the same company. So…It’s OK for me to link to something he does? Yes? Maybe?

Let’s assume the answer is yes. I love…LOVE his Scott Stapp Christmas videos. It’s the magic and wonder of this blessed season filtered through the growling, angelic filter of Scott Stapp’s voice. Truly, the only thing better than Christmas is…Scott Stappmas.

That one is brand new for 2018! God bless you, Scott Stapp! And a very merry Scott Stappmas to us all!

Here’s the Scott Stappmas version of “O Come All Ye Faithful”.

And, just because you can never have too much Stappiness in your holidays, here’s Scott Stapp singing “Little Drummer Boy”

Ha! Got you! If you just watched that video, then you have failed the “Little Drummer Boy” challenge. What’s that? You didn’t know you were participating in the “Little Drummer Boy” challenge? Too bad! You were whether you knew it or not. Now, just make sure you go over to the “Little Drummer Boy” website and report yourself. Loser.

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