The Law Office of Rick DeHoyos is offering scholarship opportunities in exchange for a student anti-texting and driving commitment.


Students are invited to sign a pledge onn the firm's website. The pledge states the promise to refrain from texting while driving. The student's identities remain anonymous and the students will be automatically eligible for a random drawing selecting three $500 scholarship winners.

DeHoyos explains "We represent the victims of auto accidents, and we see the growing danger texting while driving represents. It's another decision that seems so minor but can destroy lives. We are approaching it this way because it is very difficult for law enforcement to have an impact on the problem. It comes down to a conscious choice on the part of the driver. DeHoyos adds, "This is strictly on the honor system, there is no way to enforce the pledge, but that isn't the point. If just a few young people become just that much more reluctant to text behind the wheel, this will be a success.

Created to coincide with graduation events, the campaign ends June 15th.

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