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Halloween is the day before the greatest holiday: half-off Halloween candy day.

It is the second most popular Holiday in America after Christmas, and this year it's going to be... weird. Because 2020 is the worst.

The City of San Angelo released a statement about Halloween, and it's pretty detailed.

We do not schedule times or dates for Halloween or trick-or-treating – that is up to each individual. If you do go trick-or-treating, then we ask that everyone wear a mask, remember to practice social distancing from people who are not from your immediate household and make sure you wash your hands once you get home. If you are sick or not feeling well, then please stay home.

If you're handing out candy, the CDC recommends giving individually-wrapped bags to trick-or-treaters as opposed to loose candy pieces.

If you would like to have a gathering of more than 10 people, the City of San Angelo said the following:

For large outdoor events with more than 10 people expected, organizers need to submit a plan to the city to be approved by the county judge, mayor or local health authority. Plans should be submitted to the health department at sandra.villarreal@cosatx.us. All individuals must wear a face covering over the nose and mouth whenever it is not feasible to maintain social distancing from others.

The CDC has a list of low, moderate, and high risk activities for Halloween, you can find that list, here.

Please have a safe and happy Halloween.

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