We all know that sports fans can get a little crazy. Ever seen a Raiders' home game? But what tends to take the cake are soccer fans. It really doesn't matter what country you're in. Chances are the soccer fans get pretty nuts. In Russia, apparently they are trained, organized, and violent. At least according to this Vice report.

Well, there's a lawmaker in Russia that wants to make hooliganism a sport.

"Russia would be a pioneer in a new sport," said Igor Lebedev, who also suggested fights between different fan groups could draw crowds of thousands. "English fans arrive, for example, and start picking fights. And they get the answer — challenge accepted. A meeting in a stadium at a set time."

If you're been following my blogs at all, you know that I am currently looking for anything to watch to fill the void of what used to be filled with NBA basketball. The NBA has become unwatchable. Hooliganism? I might check that out.

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