We’ve seen The Simpsons intro (also known as “couch gags”) done in a myriad of different styles: anime, M.C. Escher, and Bill Plympton to name a few. Those are all couch gags that have actually aired on The Simpson’s over the decades. It’s from a Russian animator or possible animators called Lenivko Kvadratjić (Lazy Square). It’s The Simpson’s intro done in the style of a Russian art film. It is bleak. It is dismal. It is a depressing representation of the reality that millions of Russians lived under the oppressive rule of an impersonal bureaucratic regime. It is Marx’s “workers’ paradise” lain bare. When you see the power plant that Homer works at, you can’t imagine that it is Chernobyl one day before it melted down.

This is the kind of things that The Simpsons would love to use as an actual, canonical couch gag. I suspect, though, that the scenes of Bart tying off for a hit of heroine while Homer and Marge commit domestic violence on one another may be a little too much even for a show that once had a gag done by Banksy that showed Simpsons merchandise actually being made by starving children in a toxic Asian sweat-shop!

Look upon this, ye mighty, and despair.

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