If you can name only one porn star, odds are it's Ron Jeremy. Ron is to porn what Babe Ruth is to baseball. Ron is the Bangbino. The Sultan of Twat.

Ron, who was in town as part of his comedy tour that's traveling across West Texas, with appearances at El Paso's Comic Strip, as well as stops in Odessa and Abilene.

Ron talked about everything, from his ability to autofellate, to his run-ins with celebrities, including Bill Clinton. Buzz asked Ron if he thought Clinton recognized him, to which The Hedgehog responded, "I know hie did! He called me by name!" Ron also dazzled us all with his harmonica and piano skills by busting out with some Christmas songs. (See above)

Ron also explained how he first learned he has a large "schmeckle" when he was about 15 years old and overheard his girlfriend at the time, Marge, tell her friend about how well endowed he was. He said that, paired with previously learning at Boy Scout camp he possessed the ability "to give it a kiss hello,"  tipped him off that he was larger than average.

Ron said he discovered he had the ability to autofellate while typing up his boots at Boy Scout camp.

"So I called my dad up," Ron said. "I said, 'Dad, is it normal that a guy can kiss his own schmeckle?' And Dad goes, 'Is there anybody else in the room?' 'No, I'm alone.' He goes, 'Good. Let me be the only person you ever tell this to, okay? Nobody else needs to know. I don't think it's a bad thing; it's a little strange, but when you get to be 18, there will be girls who will kiss it for you."

Ron talked about the evolution of the porn industry, and when asked what the industry's reaction to home video coming along was, said, "Panic. A lot of people thought it would kill our industry, but it ended up as a boom for us."

Jeremy said that he worries that all the free porn available on the Internet will be what kills the industry and said there's no one really defending porn from piracy.

Ron also talked about his recent addition to Adam Sandler's recently-updated Chanukah Song, in which Sandler says Ron's "foot-long buddy" is also a Jew. You can check that out here:

For information about Ron and company's West Texas tour, and to get tickets, visit ShowtimeConcerts.com.

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