A man riding a roller coaster in Spain managed to catch an iPhone X dropped by another rider…in the middle of the roller coaster ride!

Thankfully, this heroically selfless act was captured by the in-coaster video. You know, the ones they try to sell to you for twenty five bucks once the ride is over. I’ve never considered buying one but if I’d made this kind of miraculous mid-amusement catch, saving some poor strangers thousand dollar phone in the process, I would’ve sprung for the video too.

The guy makes the mid-air grab at the :22 mark in the video. For a few seconds he’s holding the phone aloft in his hand in celebratory fashion. Wouldn’t it have been great if he got so exited HE dropped the phone?!? Great for us, the viewers. Not so much for owner of the phone.

We salute you, Roller Coaster Phone Catcher Guy! Your sure hands and cat-like reflexes have earned you the title of Digital Age Hero.

I would call this guy for an interview but, as you can imagine, he’s been swamped with media requests. I guess you could say this whole experience has been a real...roller coaster ride for him.

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