Shim and I weren't quite done with the ghost stories from the previous episode, so we cover that and more on this episode of Rockstar 101.

  • Religion. Shim and I both married religious women. Not being religious ourselves, it can lead to a bit of conundrum when it comes to raising our kids. We sort of have it figured out but there are also going to be some very difficult conversations as our kids get older. Like, "What's going to happen to Daddy when he dies because he's not baptized?" Questions like that.
  • Plus, my kid brought a book home from school for me to read to her before bed. It look innocent enough. Illustrations and what not. Then as I start to read it, I realize it was all about the Nazi's taking over in Europe and a family needing to flee. Pretty hard core stuff for an 8 year old right before bed.

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