Episode 3 of Rockstar 101 is now up wherever you get your podcasts. Here is what we talk about this episode.

  • Shim has a story about performing in a school play that goes horribly wrong.
  • Shim has a Lip Sync Battle theory.
  • We talk about athletes or other celebs becoming musicians.
  • Working hard versus being given a gift versus just knowing people.
  • Do I limit or edit myself on the air? Are there subjects where I bite my tongue?
  • The differences between being a field that is concrete with numbers versus being a field that is subjective.

Here is the link for you to check out Rockstar 101. Just CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE.

And, if you have any questions you'd like to ask us or have any topics you'd like us to cover in a future episode of Rockstar 101, just reach out to SHIM on Twitter. You can find him HERE.


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