Episode 25 is up and here's what we're talking about!

  • We took a question from Twitter that someone asked:
  • So Shim answered the question, very thoroughly. Again, if you have any questions for us, you can hit up Shim on Twitter @shimmoore. Or hit me up on Instagram @brandon_goat_coates
  • And today is National Play-Doh Day. So we're talking about Play-Doh and childhood toys because nostalgia is awesome!
    • I talk about my love of He-Man when I was a kid, which jogs the memory of Shim and the fact that he once had a He-Man sword.
    • We also talk about toys that we were heartbroken we either lost or broke.
    • Shim lost a mountain bike but wasn't as heartbroken as he was when he left his cheap nunchucks on a ferry.

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