Former Sick Puppies lead singer Shim Moore and I have started a podcast and episode 2 is now up. Need a link to listen? Here you go:

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In this episode we tell stories of being star struck. From the conclusion of Shim's Tom Morello story, to me interviewing Jonathan Davis, to Shim randomly running into Serj from System of a Down or Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

Plus we talk about Loudwire's list of top 50 nu metal albums of all time. You can check out that list by CLICKING HERE.

Something pretty interesting that we learn in that discussion is Kid Rock never really made it big down in Australia. I mean, yeah, I get Kid Rock is a very pro-American kind of guy that blends country with rock. But he was HUGE back in 1999-2000. Apparently not huge enough to make it all the way down to Australia though.

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