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On this episode of Rockstar 101, Shim and I talk about cover songs.

  • What cover songs are better than the original?
  • Shim tells the story about Dolly Parton denying Elvis the rights to one of her songs. Which was a total gangster move by the way, and even more so because this was before she had made a name for herself.
  • Shim also tells the story about the cover of Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' and why they weren't allowed to release it.
    • Somehow, someway, a copy of that song got leaked though, and you can hear it below. If you follow the link to the actual YouTube page, scroll down and read some of the comments because it's people talking about it being a Green Day. Or, actually arguing if it's a Green Day riff. Shim explains all of it in this episode of Rockstar 101.

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