Rex Brown has amassed quite a bit of gear in his years of rocking with Pantera, Down, Kill Devil Hill and even as a solo artist. Now it's time for him to part ways with some of this gear, but all in the name of a good cause.

Brown is the latest musician to partner with to reveal plans for an Official Rex Brown of Pantera Reverb Shop (It officially launches next Tuesday, July 30). A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale will be distributed from the Reverb Gives charitable initiative to Brown's chosen charities -- UpBeat Music and Arts, which helps students from all backgrounds in Chicago learn to play instruments and connect with music and arts, and Young Musicians Unite, which provides free, consistent in-school music education to underserved communities in Miami.

“I’ve picked up so much great gear over the years, I just don’t have enough fucking room for it all,” said Brown. “There’s a lot of history here and a lot of really great guitars. I hate getting rid of this stuff, but I’d rather get these into the hands of the fans or players who can put them to use rather than have them sitting in a warehouse.”

The Reverb Shop will feature bass guitars, amps, pedals and electric guitars used throughout the bassist’s career, including a Spector White Casper 4-String bass guitar that was created for Brown in 2010 and used on every recording he’s played on since then. “Own yourself a little slice of history with this ol’ smoker,” Brown said.

The Official Rex Brown of Pantera Reverb Shop will also feature a Spector RXT Prototype #1 bass guitar that Stuart Spector made for Brown in 2011. According to Brown, this guitar is the only one of its kind in the world since the model never went into production. “As with all Spectors, this one is as cool as it gets! I hate getting rid of it, but I just don’t play it anymore. I’m glad it’ll go to someone who plays it and that a portion of the proceeds will go to charity,” he said.

There's also a Fender 5-String Jazz bass that Brown used on Rebel Meets Rebel, the country metal album created by David Allen Coe, along with Brown, Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. “This bass has a lot of history,” Brown said. “I used Fenders in the studio the last half of the 1990s, so this one has been knocking around for a while!”

A Spector Designs 4-String bass guitar that Brown used extensively during his time as a member of Down and as a backup for several Kill Devil Hill shows is also on the block. “It’s kind of scuffed up, but this puppy’s got some bite to it,” Brown said of the bass.

There are multiple Prestige electric guitars used on Brown’s first solo album, Smoke on This. “I’ve had an incredible relationship with Prestige out of Canada since around 2015,” Brown said. “When you listen to these guitars, they sound and play almost identical to a Gibson—I shat you not!”

He's also offering a Scala Custom Guitars "Broken" Reverse T-Style guitar that has “some of the best detail in the biz,” according to Brown. “What can I say but Leo Fucking Scala -- one of my favorite builders. This dude makes some of the coolest axes on the planet, but I’ve got too many.”

Of his pedal collection, Brown says, “Around 2014 or 2015, I geeked out hardcore on pedals. At the time, I thought I had to have every pedal in the world and then some. I have a feeling I’m not alone here...”

To preview the items that will be available, head here. And check out the preview video and close up looks at some of the items offered below.

Rex Brown Reverb Shop Preview

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