It's like we've forgotten that our homes are not closed off sets.

Normally a news caster is the only person on screen and behind them is only shown what they want us to see.

Well news anchor Alberto Merlos was caught in an unfortunate situation during his live broadcast a couple days ago when a half naked woman walked into the shot.

Normally this would be an embarrassing oversight, only people noticed that the woman was NOT his girlfriend, Marta Lopez.

Instead, people recognized the woman as fellow newscaster Alexia Rivas!

I swear this is like reality TV, BUT ACTUALLY REAL.

Merlos and Rivas have both said that he was single when they began seeing each other, but Lopez claims she believed they were still together, calling this a serious betrayal.

Many people were quick to point out that this video also showcases that both Merlos and Rivas were breaking Spains quarantine order.

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