Congrats are in order for Falling in Reverse, as they've landed their first ever chart-topper on the Mediabase Active Rock chart with "Popular Monster."

The tension-building rocker was initially released last November and has spent the last few months steadily climbing the Active Rock chart. "Popular Monster" has tallied over 43 million total streams worldwide, while the video, featuring singer Ronnie Radke exploring his demons while transforming into a monster, has received nearly 19 million video views.

This marks Falling in Reverse's first ever No. 1 single of their career, but the news comes at a difficult point in the band's career as one of their founding members, guitarist Derek Jones, died on April 21.

"Popular Monster" was released as a non-album single, with singer Ronnie Radke recently telling Forbes he preferred trying out the release method. "I saw rappers doing it and people like Drake doing it. I feel like they did it with more an ease and carelessness, like they just wanted to release their art and their music," said Radke, adding, "We live in a day and age of smart phones everybody is kind of ADD now, and just on to the next, on to the next. So giving a fan or a listener a full album worth of stuff, and say four of the songs are banger songs but the rest is kind of filler, that’s because your creativity runs out over a period of time, and you can only do so much. People move on and that’s why people are paying attention more to a hard focused single."

Admittedly the strategy has worked better than Radke expected. He added, "When it comes to singles, I didn’t realize it would do so well it was more like a test, and it’s doing well. For the near future it’s going to be singles and videos every three or four months."

Falling in Reverse, "Popular Monster"

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