I feel like anytime I write about Colin Kaepernick, I need to preface it with what I think because apparently what I think isn't the norm on either side. So here you go:

  • I believe that his kneeling was for a good cause, and didn't have a problem with him doing it during the National Anthem.
  • I do understand people being upset about him doing it during the National Anthem.
  • I do believe owners felt he was toxic and didn't want to sign him for fear of a fire storm.
  • But I don't think they were all in on it and colluded against him.
  • His positives didn't outweigh his negatives, so he wasn't hired.

Anyway, hopefully that explains my thoughts on Kaepernick.

Well, now the news part. The original reports for Kaepernick's settlement were that he settled for a rather large chunk of money. The average report was around $80 million. Not so much. At least not according to a Wall Street Journal Report.

The new number that is being floated out there is $10 million. And that's not just for Kaepernick. That's total, for him and Eric Reid, the other player in the lawsuit. That's also not including legal fees.

If this number is true, it shows that the case against the NFL was pretty weak, and it was just easier for the NFL to toss some chump change at them. Yeah, $10 million for the NFL is almost nothing.

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