I was listening to a sports show from Portland recently to catch up a couple of my teams. The Portland Trail Blazers and the Oregon Ducks. During the show they started talking about Blazers rookie Zach Collins missing the opening game of the season because he "had the trots." Also known as the squirts, mud butt, diarrhea.

This conversation ultimately brought up the time about 10 years ago when Joe Paterno pooped his pants during a game. Seriously. There's a little over 7 minutes to go in the half, and while Penn State is lining up to punt the ball, Paterno just runs right across the field. He goes to the locker with black pants on, and then returns with khaki pants on.

As I was listening to the show, they're describing the scene but saying they can't do it justice because the video is too damn funny. Well, they're right. Just watch and try to not laugh.

Video courtesy of TheBuckeyeBattleCry

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