Possum Kingdom's infamous "Hell's Gate" plays host to some of the best cliff divers in the world with the return of the annual Red Bull World Series of Cliff Diving event.

Men and women, alike, will attempt daredevil-like dives in this adrenaline-fueled sport. If you've never seen cliff divers, then head to Possum Kingdom Lake on June 27th to check this out.

You can also get an eye into the event with the video above. It was recorded back in 2016 at Hell's Gate.

Possum Kingdom Lake - in the state where everything is bigger - is nestled deep in the valley of the Palo Pinto Mountains, approximately 145 miles west of Dallas. The massive reservoir, created by damming the Brazos River, with its incredibly deep waters and its sheer cliffs, boasts the epidemy of lake life. The visual feat of two towering cliffs is only to be outdone by the divers' complex manoeuvres from almost three times the Olympic diving platform height. [Red Bull Cliff Diving]

There's typically little-to-no on-land viewing spots available, but you don't go to the lake to sit on the ground, right? So grab your floats, boats, and rafts and check out the cliff diving at Possum Kingdom Lake.

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