I know, I know. We've heard this before. Randy Gregory is suspended. It's nothing new. Which unfortunately means his NFL career might be over before it ever really got a chance to get going.

Gregory had a pair of suspensions back in 2016 that sidelined him for 14 games, and then was suspended all of the 2017 season. He was able to play most of the year last season, playing 14 regular season games and both playoff games, accumulating 6 sacks.

Gregory's attorney Daniel Moskowitz said:

"The expectation for Randy is the exact same: to get him back on the field playing as soon as possible. Our personal confidence in him has not wavered. This is about more than football. We appreciate the public recognizing this is a private matter and thank the Jones (family) and Cowboys for their continued support."

TMZ Sports reported back in April of 2017 that Gregory had failed 7 drug tests and was even starting to blow off NFL officials. But it seemed it had gotten it together and was on the right path.

There is no official word yet on what exactly Gregory has been suspended for, or what kind of timeline he's looking at.

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