Betting on just the Super Bowl seems to boring these days. It's the others bets that are exciting. I remember my parents threw a Super Bowl party many years ago and there was one guy that was willing to bet on everything. He even had a $1000 bet on the coin toss. Which he lost.

Well, according to BookMaker there are all kinds of things you can bet on.  Here are just come of the things you can bet on this year:

  • Lady Gaga's hair color
  • Lady Gaga's first song
  • Will Lady Gaga be shown on the roof of NRG Stadium?
  • The amount of commercials Peyton Manning will appear in
  • The amount of viewers for the game
  • Will Michael Vick or Aaron Hernandez (probably the two most famous criminals of each team) be mentioned?
  • How many times certain terms like "deflategate" or "dynasty" are used
  • And now one of the strangest, or really kind of bad bets you can make, is whether or not someone will be ruled out of the game due to a concussion.