We've already told you that Post Malone is one of the most "metal" artists that aren't actually metal, and now we have further evidence. YouTuber Jared Dines posted a series of videos jamming with Posty, and they get into some extreme metal along the way.

Dines uploaded the videos onto his Instagram, which also feature Dragged Under frontman Tony Cappocchi and rapper Tyla Yaweh. Post is seen walking around and shredding on a guitar. The group went into a couple of musical territories throughout the jam session, but it's probably most surprising seeing the rapper play to extreme metal.

Hey, he was in a metal band when he was younger. And Pantera, Megadeth and Metallica are among his favorite metal bands.

The jam crew also broke out into the Wild Cherry hit "Play That Funky Music," which can be seen in another clip posted on Dines' Instagram. Check out the videos below.

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