Heavy metal is alive and crushing it in 2020, but the power of nostalgia remains strong for metalheads across the globe. From the ‘70s onward, heavy metal played a huge part in the cultural zeitgeist, whether on TV, the silver screen or in your ear holes.

Remember those old Monsters of Rock commercials? Of course you do, but how about that iconic blue screen topped with an address to send your check or money order? For just one payment of $26.99, you could get two CDs of hair metal’s biggest hits, or $21.99 if you’d prefer a duo of cassettes. How else could you get Nelson, Winger and Enuff Z’Nuff singles in one blast? Back then, you couldn’t.

How about an injection of nostalgia of heavy metal films? Spinal Tap should have you covered, while inspiring you to turn your volume and gain knobs to 11. Even more nostalgic, though? Heavy Metal Parking Lot! It’s because we’ve all been tailgating before a big concert, mixing with society’s castaways in a sea of alcohol and marijuana. These dynamics were especially ripe in the ‘80s and it was all captured brilliantly on film.

When it comes to music, what’s more nostalgic than seeing Dave Mustaine interviewed as a member of Metallica? One iconic interview gave us the phrase “Metal up your ass!” which has been echoed throughout the decades by dedicated metalheads. You’ll also see Bruce Dickinson interviewed during the first few months of his tenure in Iron Maiden.

Check out these Top 10 Most Nostalgic Metal Moments in the Loud List below.

Top 10 Most Nostalgic Metal Moments

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