I saw this on an AskReddit thread and it's actually about what the dumbest call police officers have received. But it reminded me a story I heard about my grandfather, and am more curious to know what an officer's 'go to' story is at a party.

My grandfather was a police officer and the story was about him and his partner breaking up a high school party. His partner was huge. So big, they actually had to reconfigure the inside of their car because he didn't fit.

Well, they go to break up the high school party and my grandpa is out front talking to a few of the kids, when his partner comes walking around from the back. He wasn't alone though. He was carrying one of the kids by his belt like a suitcase. There were lots of puddles because it had recently rained and every puddle he walked by, he just leaned down a bit and dunked the kids head in the puddle.

My grandfather asks him what he's doing and his partner just responds "He took a swing at me."