They have certainly been in the news a lot recently. Police body cams. You'd think they'd be beneficial to everyone. That way there is a record of what happens during police confrontations. The person can't make a false complaint about the police, and the police will be held accountable for their actions.

This seems so simple. Especially with all the issues we have been having in this country recently. But for some reason, people are still pussy footing around making body cams mandatory. I get the cost issue. But this is something that is worth the cost at this point.

If you need proof that they are beneficial, just look at this article. A study at Cambridge University showed that complaints against police officers went down 93% when comparing a 12 month period with cameras, to a 12 month period without cameras.

Dr. Barak Ariel, who is based at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology said:

"Once [the public] are aware they are being recorded, once they know that everything they do is caught on tape, they will undoubtedly change their behaviour because they don't want to get into trouble. Individual officers become more accountable, and modify their behaviour accordingly, while the more disingenuous complaints from the public fall by the wayside once footage is likely to reveal them as frivolous."

Soooo, why is there an issue with body cams again?

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