There's always talk of legendary musicians jamming together whenever some drinks are shared backstage at festivals or special parties, and someone will talk about their shared ideas later. It can't be all talk though, sometimes this stuff has to happen. Right? It did happen and there's the picture to prove that members of Metallica, Iron Maiden and the Foo Fighters and The Winery Dogs were all together.

Guitarist Howie Simon (ex-Alcatrazz, ex-Jeff Scott Soto, Ice Water Mansion) shared a photo on Instagram where Rob Trujillo, Adrian Smith, Taylor Hawkins and Richie Kotzen were having a jam session.

"Sometimes at parties I jam with the bass player from Metallica, the drummer from the Foo Fighters, the guitarist from Iron Maiden, and my friend Richie," Simon captioned. "I hope I'm not name dropping! Such a fun time - they always throw the best parties!"

If you're thinking this is your new favorite band, hold that thought. Metallica, Maiden, the Foos and The Winery Dogs will all be on the road in 2019, so there's little chance any shows will come to fruition.

See upcoming tour dates for Metallica here, Iron Maiden here, the Foo Fighters here and the Winery Dogs here.

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