I'll let you take a moment to guess where this story came fro, but it shouldn't take you more than a moment. Yeah, you guessed it. Florida.

Robert Potchen had been serving a 15 year sentence in a Florida prison for pulling a gun on his wife, but he was in jail awaiting a hearing for a parole violation. Apparently, when Potchen was behind bars, he was rather busy with the guards.

Potchen was giving advice to a group of guards about taxes, student loans, and mortgages. In return, Potchen received special treatment, which included access to the Internet, ordering Chinese take out, and being allowed to sit in a guard station after hours. Another inmate also told investigators that Potchen had a romantic relationship with one of the female guards.

There were five guards linked to these incidents with Potchen and all of them have either resigned or retired from their posts. No word on if any other discipline would be handed down.


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