Well, that didn't take long. A company based out of Chicago buys Whataburger and now they're tearing down the first ever 'A'-Frame Whataburger.

The original 'A'-Frame Whataburger, located on Andrews Highway in Odessa was built in 1961. Out in front of the building a plaque states the following:

On this site March 21, 1961, Whataburger unveiled for the first time it's new "A"-Frame design. Because of the historical importance this unit represents, the integrity of its shape was maintained. After image enhancements were made, the store was rededicated June 10, 1996, to the service of the people of Odessa.

A Brand Development Coordinator posted the following to Facebook:

While we love the memories we had with our first A-Frame restaurant, we had to make some big changes to this location in order to deliver the best customer experience possible. We know change can be hard, but the good news is we’re reopening a brand-new restaurant later this year that will provide our customers with an even better Whataburger experience including improved parking and double drive-thru lanes. We look forward to unveiling a brand-new Whataburger restaurant and continuing to serve our Odessa community.

This is how it starts folks. One small change, leads to another small change, and before you know it Whataburger is serving deep dish pizza.

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