This video blew my mind! From a real one size fits all piece of lingerie to a guy showing how a man should always be able to lift a woman, it's Facet Lingerie.

We've all heard that one size fits all lie. This is usually used for hats, socks or other random accessories that never actually do fit well but well enough for something you don't wear often. And most people know that whatever it is isn't something is meant to fit you like a glove or make you feel like it was made for you. That's why lingerie isn't something you would assume would ever have a One Size Fits All label on it.

But that's where Facet Lingerie comes in.

The lingerie brand have recently released a new line of lingerie and had two different sized models, a size 0 and a size 12, both wear the same "One Size Fits All" piece. Not only does owner Suliman Facet Hasanshow how his lingerie fits on a woman, he also shows how a man should be able to pick up a woman. Some people believe that a curvier girl is harder to lift, but this guy makes it look easy! Not to mention how gorgeous his models are. So if you love thick girls or thin girls, looks like Facet Lingerie has the eye candy for you! Check out these incredible videos here.

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