It's been called 'Oldchella" although it's officially titled 'Desert Trip'. And ran some interesting numbers. The first weekend of 'Desert Trip' has wrapped up and weekend two is coming up this weekend.

Of the performers, they have a combined 73 platinum albums, 13 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions between them, and 14 divorces. The ages of the performers ranges from 69 to 75, with Ron Wood being the youngest and Bob Dylan being the oldest.

Of all the platinum albums (studio albums, not live albums) Paul McCartney has the most with 21, and 12 of those being Beatles albums. As far as the divorces go. Roger Waters is the leader in that category with four. Seriously, FOUR divorces.

Some of the hight lights from this past weekend include the Rolling Stones covering "Come Together", plus Paul McCartney and Neil Young teaming up to do "A Day in the Life" and "Give Peace a Chance."


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