The most hyped fight of all time is just about a month away. And yes, McGregor/Mayweather the most hyped, and possibly the most anticipated. But this fight isn't for the real boxing fan. That fight is coming up September 16th, when Canelo takes on Triple G.

Now that we have it established that this fight is basically a circus, and a money grab, here are some odds and prop bets you can make on the fight.

  • Mayweather is the heavy favorite, which isn't a surprise, since he's the boxer and McGregor is the mixed martial artist. Mayweather is the 1-5 odds on favorite, while McGregor has 7-2 odds. So you would have to make a $500 bet on Mayweather just to make $100. But a $100 bet on McGregor would get you $350.
  • The over/under for pay-per-view buys is 4.99 million. If it even comes close to that, it'll be the most bought pay-per-view of all time. That would be the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight in 2015 which brought in 4.6 million buys.
  • Something that has gotten some talk leading up to the fight is if McGregor throws a kick in the fight. Well, odds on that are 11-1. But for the kick to count, he must be deducted a point or disqualified for the kick.
  • Most likely outcome is that Mayweather wins by going the distance with 5-2 odds.
  • Highest odds of a McGregor victory are for an early knock, as in the first 3 rounds. 9 to 1 odds for that.

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