The thing about the #Metoo that amazes me for than anything is that way that it seems rock stars (so far) have been given a complete pass. Maybe a day of reckoning is coming for guys like Steven Tyler and Ted Nugent who’ve not only admitted but actually BRAGGED about having sex with underage girls.

I’m bringing up this well-known story about Steven Tyler because the Aerosmith singer just opened his second “Janie’s House”, a home for girls who’ve been abused or neglected. Perhaps this is a way for Mr. Tyler to atone for his past predatory behavior (he was 27 when he got his 16 year old girlfriend’s parents’ consent to take her on the road with him). But, a visit to the Janie’s Fund website doesn’t mention anything suggesting a man who has learned from his mistakes.

“Why is this issue so important to Steven Tyler? Because the prevalence of abuse in our society is alarming…One in 5 girls is sexually abused before they are 18 years old”.

The website even sets the age of sexual consent at 18. That’s two years older than Tyler’s underage girlfriend was at the time he began a sexual relationship with her. And it isn’t like all this isn’t firmly established. Steven Tyler wrote about it in his autobiography.

The relationships has been written about many, many, MANY.

Maybe if the website had read, “Why is this issue so important to Steven Tyler? Because he admits he sexually abused a young girl, was never prosecuted and now would like to do something to positively contribute to the plight of sexually exploited girls under the age of 18”…MAYBE, that would at least get him off the hypocrisy hook.

And, speaking of hypocrisy, some of you may be thinking to yourself right now, “But, Buzz, didn’t you just write an article about putting some kind of limitation on how long you can hold something someone did when they were younger?”. Yes. Yes I did. You can read that article here.

Just a couple of things, though. For one, Steven Tyler was ALMOST THIRTY when he got his SIXTEEN year old girlfriends parents to sign over guardianship so he could have sex with her in any state or country he chose. That’s at least KIND of different from wearing an insensitive Halloween costume when you were 19.

Also, Steven Tyler’s behavior toward very, very young women is still leaning strongly toward the creepy zone.

I guess what I’m saying is this: It’s great that there are now two homes for abused girls thanks to Steven Tyler. But, maybe, don’t let the founder of the homes have unsupervised visits?

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