Buzz is out for the week, which means we all could actually get some work done on the show. This past week, Lisa, Brandon and I have had some great topics brought up that we knew Buzz wouldn't care about (because he's a boomer). Brandon explained to us what the "beer snake" was, Lisa gave us something to laugh at with a video of Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie, we also learned that one of the cities we broadcast in is the WORST for cuffing season, Buzz missed out when the electricity went out when we were on air, and we even got to do a "Monday Morning Mashup" without Buzz. So, to say that we are holding things down we most certainly are holding things down.

When Buzz returns next week, we'll be chock full of stories to tell him, mainly because we know that he NEVER listens in on the show when he's on vacation. But because we understand that lots of listeners miss him, I figured now would be a good time to share this video we filmed before Buzz went on vacation.

We all know that Buzz LOVES his crossword puzzles. He loves to figure out the crossword on his phone, usually after the show he'll spend about an hour on the futon in the dark solving it.  Buzz gets super upset when he feels like others online are cheating. For this particular puzzle, Buzz enlisted the help of Nico, Joe Pete and myself. In the end, it was us who were bamboozled, but Nico was the one more visibly upset.

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