It's a brand new year and Emily and I are back with brand new topics! "New Year, Same Cat Ladies" is now available on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Overcast, Pocketcasts and RadioPublic. With the new year, Emily and I decided it was time to get organized with our podcast, so you'll be hearing a new episode biweekly on Mondays! We also have some great new music courtesy of Emily's brother- Scott Slape!

For this episode we enlisted the help of our listeners on Instagram and asked "do you have a resolution?" and our listeners sure did deliver. It got dark for a bit there but listen in to the podcast to hear some of their resolutions! We also got on the topic of contests from the MoSho. We reminisce on the time we learned some guy was running a brothel out of his mom's room to the time someone planted drugs on a fellow classmate to get them in trouble, our listeners sure get into some trouble! We also catch you up on what Emily and I have been doing; Emily has been planning her wedding and I get inspired by "Hoarders".

We'll be back with another episode soon where we'll be discussing relationships! Valentine's day is coming up soon and it's time to talk about love and dating. If you enjoy the music you hear on "What the Buzz" then check out our official music supervisor Scott Slape's Soundcloud, I HIGHLY recommend you listen to his cover of "La Pachanga", all the music is made by him! Catch up on "What the Buzz" before the next episode!

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