Emily and I are back for a new episode of "What the Buzz" and it's been weird man. On this episode we come to you with a heavy heart as we discuss the shooting on August third that happened here in our home town. Emily and I discuss our point of view, and our thoughts on what happened that day. The episode is available on Spotify, just search "What the Buzz."

In the days that followed, we saw our community be attacked, but then we saw our community come together, united more than ever. We saw the community stand together and donate so much and just give so much of themselves that we are just so proud to be El Pasoans. It's the side of El Paso that I'm glad the rest of the world will see, now that EP is in the spotlight.

As much as Emily and I are emotional, we know that life has to go on. Things we're looking forward to? Spooky season! It's right around the corner, so tune in and hear my idea for our annual Halloween parade and for our haunted house! Check out the episode, available on Spotify, and don't forget to subscribe, come be the fifth listener, as we currently have four listeners (probably). Until next time!

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