As the news hit us that Marvel comics legend Stan Lee passed away, I was shooketh just like many others. It shouldn't have been a surprise, he was 95 and he did have health problems most recently, but still, the news was a shock. In the last 18 years we've all come to know and love Stan Lee not only for his Marvel creations but for his cameos in films, television, animation and video games.

Every Marvel movie we'd see, everyone would look forward to the Stan Lee cameos, but just because he's gone doesn't mean it's the end of his cameos. Yesterday, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige told Variety that we'll still get our Stan Lee fix in upcoming films; most recently we'll get to hear him in "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2"! While we all look forward to his cameos in upcoming MCU films, and MCU films of the past let's not forget some of his awesome cameos not related to the Marvel Universe. Here are some of my favorite!


  • 1

    Big Hero 6


    The end credits of this heartwarming Disney film surprised fans when Stan Lee came out!

  • 2

    Fresh Off The Boat

    Season 3; Episode 21

    "Pie V. Cake"

    This is one of my favorite shows- it's set in the 1990's and even though Lee is featured in the end, it's still a worthy tribute.


  • 3

    The Big Bang Theory

    Season 3; Episode 16

    "The Excelsior Acquisition"

    Not surprisingly, TBBT has risen in the geek-universe. Many credit this show to the rise of geek culture which is why a Stan Lee cameo was inevitable! Still a great cameo.

  • 4

    The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement


    I think a lot of people, mainly male men over the age of 10, would never have thought to watch this movie for a Stan Lee cameo!

  • 5



    Saved the best for last. This one has been deemed one of his best cameos, and I can see why, Lee's cameo and heart to heart with Jason Lee's character gives us some of the best advice about love and life.

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