You see that up there? That, my friends, is a "gun-gram."

Charlie Cook is a certified firearms instructor. He can also play the trumpet with one hand while firing a gun with the other hand. For only $30, he'll make you a customized gun-gram.

Here he is doing the Addams's Family Theme:

I know the question you're asking right now. YES! He does take requests!

Check out Charlie's website and get your own personalized gun-gram. If you're wondering if he can handle the song you want him to play, worry not. He's a graduate from the Berklee College of Music. He's also played with a house band at a Boston Club for many years, so yeah, he can probably handle "No Parking on the Dance Floor."

No word on what he's shooting at during his performances. Seriously, where are all those bullets going? Is he maybe like the Chuck Norris of gun trumpeters? Play a song and then skin a buck? Who knows?

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