It's happened again. As I sit here and work while running Best Of until everyone is back on Monday, I get side tracked every now and then. This time, it was a total black hole of MTV's Road Rules.

I loved Road Rules back in the day. I think I watched the first 6 seasons when they aired, and started to taper off after season 7 and Semester at Sea. I did watch other season after that, but it was really the first 6 that I watched when they aired.

Below, I've placed the first episode of Road Rules from the first season. You can use that to jump into your own Road Rules Black Hole.

Some interesting side notes:

  • Michelle Parma, the American girl from the Europe season passed away back 2002 in a car wreck. Her obit is HERE.
  • It's funny looking back at how crappy some of the "handsome rewards" seem now.
  • During the 4th season, Kalle gets super excited when they're all given pagers.
  • Imagine sending a group of 18 to 22 year old kids now without their phones and only a map on a show like this.

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