We covered this topic a couple weeks ago. Side hustles. We then had to explain to Buzz what exactly a side hustle is. Well, according to Career Builder, here are the most common "side hustles" or second job. Really whatever you want to call it, it's basically a secondary income.

  1. Taking paid surveys - I could see this being nice and easy because you can truly do this whenever you have extra time. But I'm not sure the pay is all that great.
  2. Babysitting - I actually did this before I moved to El Paso. I had some friends who needed someone to watch their kids while they were at work. Uncle Brandon to the rescue.
  3. Cooking or baking - I'm not quite sure how you'd make money on this one.
  4. Dog walking - I come home almost daily to a note advertising someone in my neighbor who walks dogs.
  5. Blogging - If you are good at blogging, you could make some decent money doing it. Me? I'm not good at it.
  6. House sitting - Don't you need someone with a house who won't be there for this to work? I wouldn't trust anyone I don't know to watch my house. I'd barely trust anyone I do know to watch my house.
  7. DJing - Ugh, I come from Portland, where a majority of people in some way think they're a "DJ".
  8. Bartending - Not a bad gig quite frankly.

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