I've got the audio posted below of everyone from the MoSho taking the Jerk Test from Buzzfeed.

We were all sure Brandon was going to score the highest on the Jerk Test because, seriously, he just does not G.A.F.  Also we decided to run a simulation of Trump taking the Jerk Test. For every question, we tried to give as honest an answer as to how we believe Trump himself would answer. On questions where we had no real basis on how he would answer, we gave him the benefit of the doubt and chose the least jerky answer. Here are some highlights.

"You're stopped at the traffic light, and the light suddenly turns green. The car in front of you doesn't move. What do you do?"

  1. Honk on the horn repeatedly
  2. Wait patiently
  3. Honk once and then wait

Donald Trump probably hasn't driven a car himself in 40 years. But, we were all pretty confidant that he would certainly have his chauffeur lay on the horn for him. We put him down as a 1.

"In conversation do you tend to talk about yourself a lot?"

This week alone Trump called a press conference for Black History Month and ended up talking about how unfair the media is to him. Then, at the National Prayer Breakfast he bragged to a room full of pastors, rabbis and imams about how much better his rating were on Celebrity Apprentice than Arnold Schwarzenegger's. Yeah, we put him down for the jerkiest possible response on this one too.

"How often do you complain?"

The media is unfair to me, my crowd was bigger than Obama's, my mic was messed up at the debate...all he does is complain.

The long and the short of it, para-Trump ended up getting the biggest jerk rating on the quiz.

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