This is our second group effort at an escape room. In the first one we did, we were successful (barely) in escaping before the allotted time was up.
Our most recent Escape challenge was the Pirates Quest at Adventure Zone in El Paso (Where the fun is!).

Don’t worry that by watching the video it’s going to spoil the escape room for you. Emily has carefully edited this video to make sure that it doesn’t give away any of the clues or solutions to puzzles that you might encounter in the Pirate’s Quest.

Although I’ve only done two escape rooms I’m going to say that this one falls on the “difficult” end of the escape spectrum. It was not walk in the park. The theme is very nautical so it would behoove you to know your port from your starboard, your bow from you aft and your ass from a hole in the ground.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you have a passing familiarity with semaphore.

Adventure Zone is located at 251 East Redd Road in El Paso. The Pirate’s Quest Escape Room is open every day by appointment (you can call 915-585-ZONE to reserve the room). It’s also open to walk ins on Thursdays and Fridays after 4 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Also, they fed us tacos and they were delicious.

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