Things are starting to heat up in the Legends of Concordia. As the group travels to take out the Black Briar, we have to stop and get magical items first.

Once we are fully stocked, we make our way out to take on the Black Briar and this is by far the biggest test that we've run into. We are attacked by 6 of the Black Briar's minions, which were difficult enough, but the Black Briar does some serious damage to the group, almost taking out Hesfina completely.

But not to worry, the group was triumphant in defeating the Black Briar and proceeding to figure out what is happening south of the border and the power struggle that is happening there.

We will be having a leveling up live stream coming up very soon as our characters are now ready to make the leap from level 5 to level 6. So stay tuned.

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